Fursuit Picture Calendar 2021

A Project by Münchner Furs ("Munich Furs") and Freunde auf 2 Pfoten ("Friends on 2 Paws").

A calendar (H 42cm x W 29.7cm) with 24 Fursuit pictures, taken by the Furry community. Organised and made with love by two Furry organisations for the Furry community.

Looking for a special calendar?

The calendar can be preordered and costs 14,00 EUR, excl. EU-wide shipping. Delivery for Christmas.

8,89 EUR 3,90 EUR shipping within EU

Pre-order now Pay with debit or credit card.


Why are you selling this calendar? What do you plan to do with the profits?

We are volunteers part of two German associations / clubs founded and directed by Furries. Our goal is to support the Furry Fandom, and we hope you are looking forward to the calendar as much as we do.

However, producing and shipping an item is not free of charge. Yet we sell the calendar at a slightly higher price than the costs. This means the organisations behind this project, Münchner Furs e. V. and Freunde auf 2 Pfoten e. V. will equally receive a half of the earnings from selling these calendars.

Since both organisations are funded by their members, donations, and hosting events such as this project or meetups, any amount we earn is essential for our work to cover our costs, but eventually indirectly returned to the community by hosting conventions, furmeets, and other events. The clubs are legally registered and the use of funds is restricted to their purpose, namely supporting the Furry Fandom, especially the local fans.

Are you shipping internationally?

Yes, but only to Switzerland and EU countries! The shipping cost is depending on the delivery country and how many calendars you order.

Who took the pictures?

Furries! The pictures were sent to us and we have the permission to use them in this calendar. Of course, every photographer is credited in the calendar.

How many pictures does the calendar contain?

24, precisely two per month. The calendar is sized A3 portrait, which means roughly two A4 landscape images can be placed on each page.

How can I pay? Can I donate something?

Pre-payment by transfer, direct debit, direct transfer or credit card. You may add a donation during the order process, but of course that's not required. Thank you very much!

Who's in charge?
  • Project lead & concept: RyuxWolf, Nefires
  • Realisation: FoxInari, Silvawolf, RyuxWolf, Nefires
  • Photo editing: Nefires
  • Idea & web development: Khaleta
  • Advertisement: FoxInari, Silvawolf, Khaleta
I still have questions, how can I contact you?

Send us an e-mail: kalender2021@muenchner-furs.de